About FitForMe

Our story begins with two friends. One loves the outdoors and eats healthy but doesn’t exercise a lot. The other is a sports fanatic but has a desk job. They both feel good but wonder if they could feel better.


The World of Obesity

Our duo sees more and more people struggling with severe obesity, with many of them opting for weight loss surgery to help them reclaim their lives. With a genuine passion for health, they dive head-first into the science behind obesity and develop a special multivitamin for people undergoing weight loss surgery.



The two friends continue down this road, developing a range of supplements for patients after weight loss surgery. FitForMe is now an established and respected name, known for helping weight loss surgery patients maintain their overall health and wellbeing.


How we see the world

More and more people suffer from the effects of being overweight, and weight loss surgery is growing in popularity. These operations help people lose a significant amount of weight. People are becoming more aware that a good diet and exercise help us to feel good and that vitamins and minerals are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.


What is important to us?

Taking vitamins and minerals is absolutely essential, particularly for people who have had a weight loss operation. Since the stomach is now so much smaller, the body does not obtain sufficient nutrients from food alone. We aim to inform everyone about this. Taking a vitamin and mineral supplement can help keep your body in optimal condition.

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