What does WLS stand for?

WLS stands for weight loss surgery, which may be recommended when all other methods of weight loss – such as diet and exercise – have failed. WLS limits how much food the patient can eat, helping them to reduce their weight to a healthier level.

What types of WLS are available?

Types of WLS include restrictive surgery like a Gastric Sleeve and malabsorptive operations like a duodenal switch or biliopancreatic diversion, which limit the body’s nutrient absorption. A Gastric Bypass combines the two techniques.

Which WLS multivitamin product is most suitable for me?

If you have had or are about to have a gastric bypass, WLS Forte is designed for you. Meanwhile, WLS Optimum is perfect for those undergoing gastric sleeve surgery. After the operation, you will feel fuller from a smaller amount of food. That means you will also be absorbing fewer nutrients, so it’s essential you take an effective multivitamin.

What are the benefits of WLS Forte and Optimum capsules?

The beauty of FitForMe’s WLS multivitamin capsules is that you only need to take one a day. Our supplements contain all the vitamins and minerals you need after weight loss surgery, helping you to maintain your general health and wellbeing. In addition, the capsules are easy to swallow with a sip of water or a sugar-free beverage.

Why capsules instead of tablets?

After weight loss surgery, your body has a shorter window of time to absorb nutrients. A capsule disintegrates within 5 to 10 minutes of taking it, allowing your gastrointestinal tract to absorb all the vitamins and minerals properly.

What is the difference between the capsules and chewable tablets?

The formulation of our capsules and chewable tablets are identical. With our chewable multivitamin, we include a separate iron tablet because iron is widely regarded to have an unpleasant taste.

How should I take my WLS supplements?

You can take our capsules and Ferro iron tablets with a sip of water or a sugar-free beverage, while the chewable tablets can be taken without fluid.

I’m having trouble swallowing the capsule — what can I do?

If you are unable to swallow the capsule, you can open it and take the powder with a little sugar-free juice, water or any liquid. Alternatively, you can try our chewable vitamins.

Why have I had dark stools since I began taking these multivitamins?

The color of your stools can change after you begin taking FitForMe WLS multivitamins. The darker colour is caused by the supplements’ high iron content.

Should I take extra vitamins in addition to these multivitamins?

You can take additional vitamins and minerals while taking our multivitamins, but there may be no benefit to doing so. The body can only absorb certain amounts of nutrients and will filter out any surplus. Contact our customer service team for more guidance.

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