There is a secret behind every formula for success. At FitForMe, that is solid scientific research, good ingredients and a genuine passion for health. We tell you more about this below.


Highly Absorbable

There is a great variation in quality of the various ingredients used in nutritional supplements. When we formulate our FitForMe supplements, we always choose the variant that is best absorbed by the human body. Naturally!


Free from Allergens

You can expect a quality supplement not to cause any allergic reactions. That is why we strive to avoid allergens in our supplements. Virtually all FitForMe supplements are free from lactose, yeast, gluten and synthetic coloring and flavoring agents and fragrance enhancers.


Information for Professionals

As a healthcare professional, you know that it is a challenge for patients to take in sufficient vitamins and minerals after weight loss surgery. That is the reason that since 2009, FitForMe has been developing multivitamin formulas for patients with morbid obesity who have had a bariatric procedure. Scientific research shows that FitForMe supplements work better than standard nutritional supplements. The reason is clear: the nutrients are added to FitForMe’s WLS supplements in a special dose and are thus tailored precisely to bariatric patients.


Scientifically Proven

In 2011, the so-called Vital Studies (clinical trial) was commenced with patients who had undergone a gastric bypass at the Reinstate Hospital in Arnhem. For a year, the effect of the daily consumption of multivitamins after the operation was recorded. The conclusion: WLS Forte by FitForMe is far more effective compared to a multivitamin with a standard formulation. Request the free information pack for professionals [here] if you would like to read more.


Continuous Development

FitForMe has daily contact with bariatric surgeons, specialists, WLS patients and dieticians for the purpose of tailoring the special multivitamin formulas to patients as effectively as possible. Consequently, the dosage of various vitamins has been reformulated over the years to produce an optimal formula. FitForMe believes in continual development – according to the latest scientific insights!


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